Organic shampoo: the all-natural approach for you to cleanse and nourish your hair

While it might seem that washing your hair every day is beneficial, in fact, the more you wash your hair the more that you are potentially exposing both your hair and body to harmful ingredients. Non organic shampoos contain ingredients like SLS/SLES, parabens and phthalates. Lauryl sulphate, for example, present in 90% of non organic shampoos, leads to damage to the eyes in children, cataracts, skin damage, as well as early hair loss (both in males and females.) The skin absorbs over half of what it’s exposed to, so not only your hair, but in addition your body will suffer from the effects of all these damaging substances.
Organic shampoo on the other hand is 100% real, all-natural as well as free of any kind of chemical substances or synthetic ingredients. In contrast to regular shampoos, organic shampoos are made up solely from natural, organic elements including botanical matters and also fruit. They’re non toxic (this means no detrimental side effects), eco-friendly (kind to the environment) as well as vitamin enriched (supplementing your hair and body with important vitamins). They are also proven to last around 3 times longer than regular, non organic shampoos.
Organic shampoos are made from a variety of natural ingredients according to what type of shampoo you happen to be after. Layed out below is a short guide on what organic shampoo would go well with every different hair type.
Organic shampoo for all hair types: Organic shampoo for all hair types is made up from substances such as aloe vera, lavender and avocado. These types of natural ingredients are soothing on the skin, and won’t strip the hair of any of its natural oils. This organic shampoo is likewise suitable for those who’re susceptible to eczema or psoriasis.
Organic shampoo for normal/oily hair: With typical shampoo it is difficult to rid the scalp of excess oil without drying out the hair at the same time. Organic shampoos however (made from rosemary, pineapple and lavender) function as deep cleansers that will eliminate excess oil from the scalp without stripping the hair of all its natural oils, leaving you with a nourished, yet non-greasy appearance.
Organic shampoo for dry/frizzy hair: All-natural, pure ingredients including aloe-vera, neroli and also camomile help detangle thicker, frizzy as well as coarse hair. Utilizing organic shampoo rather than regular shampoo is both an all-natural and also environmentally friendly way of turning dry or frizzy hair straight into hair that looks shiny, healthy and also nourished.
Organic shampoo for coloured/treated hair: Organic shampoos which contain geranium or sandalwood can help treat hair that’s been damaged either from chemical damage (long-term usage of hair dye) or heat damage (blow-dryer/hair straighteners). Through replenishing the hairs’ natural oils, this kind of organic shampoo will fortify as well as repair damaged or weak hair, producing hair that is shiny and glossy.
Organic shampoo for damaged hair: After going on holiday hair has generally been over exposed to sunlight, salt or chlorine. An organic shampoo with aloe-vera and avocado will cleanse and nourish hair, ridding it of the dry and unhealthy post-holiday look.

Organic shampoo for sensitive scalps: Typical shampoo is likely to irritate sensitive scalps due to the high content of damaging chemical substances. However, organic shampoo with aloe vera and green tea will be soothing on the scalp, which will help prevent any irritating unwanted side effects.
Organic shampoo for dry, itchy or flaky scalp: Organic shampoos formulated for dry and itchy scalp consists of rosemary, cypress, pineapple and tea tree. The pineapple enzymes will safeguard against build of up of dead skin cells, while the tea tree has got antibacterial and also antiseptic properties. All in all, this organic shampoo will be soothing on your scalp, making sure that it won’t dry out.
Organic shampoo for babies: Organic substances including lavender, chamomile and aloe vera are gentle on your baby’s skin. All these pure and natural ingredients make organic shampoos appropriate as a wash on your baby’s body as well as nappy area. Young, sensitive skin won’t get dry or irritated, and the organic ingredients help hold on to natural skin and scalp oils.

Organic shampoo for children: Ylang ylang and tangerine in organic shampoos gives bath time a fun and fruity feel, while ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender and tea tree make sure that your child’s skin will feel soothed and also non-irritated.

Organic shampoo for men: Energising and rejuvenating, the mint, yucca, eucalyptus in organic shampoos for men leave you facing the day with a fresh and manly aroma. Great for use before work or after sport, this shampoo will leave you feeling alert and aware, minus the harmful side-effects that occur from continuous usage of regular shampoo.


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